Some of architecture’s worst buildings

Some of Britain’s worst architecture… Carbuncle Cup 2014 winner announced 

“Woolwich Central ticked all the boxes for this year’s wooden spoon. A classic case of gross overdevelopment, the scheme is lumpen and oppressive and towers over its predominantly low-rise neighbours. It even manages to make its immediate neighbour, Greenwich council’s none-too-insubstantial town hall, and former Carbuncle Cup nominee, look like a pimple on the face of a morbidly obese bully.

The variegated stripy grey cladding does nothing to disguise the bulk of the scheme and the attempt to break up the vast facade up into smaller, more visually manageable elements by inserting areas of yellow is doomed to fail.

But the building’s worst crime is it diminishes the efforts of those who have worked hard to regenerate this run-down, deprived part of London. The architecturally decent Royal Arsenal Riverside housing scheme has rejuvenated the river. There have been significant, award-winning public realm improvements to the town centre and the area has been opened up with new transport links including the DLR extension and Crossrail has the potential to transform Woolwich when it comes to the area in 2018″.

Our judges had nothing good to say about the building. Owen Luder described it as “oppressive in terms of shape, size and colour and a negative contribution to the overall environment of the area”. Ike Ijeh described it as “overtly militaristic, defensive, arrogant and inept”.

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